Here it is, my first character Ask Me Anything!

Here’s what you do: Comment/reply/tweet/whatever with questions for the character, & I answer “in character” 🙂

First up is Clare, the heroine of our story. She lives in a dystopian future where the good ol’ US of A is fucked, and all that’s left are a few opulent city-states ruled by an oligarchy-type council.

Who wants to learn more? There’s a lot more to the story, but to know more you’d have to ask Clare 😉

Fire away!

  1. What happened to make your world the way it is?


    • AJ Mullican says:

      Well, it started with the Third and Fourth World Wars, which destroyed and divided the Old U.S. and left only a few big cities standing. The ones with the money gained the power, thanks to some political precedents that were set in the 2010s; then, once evolution caught up to genetic engineering (thanks, nuclear winter & radiation!), the ones with the money and the Power gained the real power. Us in the “lower classes” despise the Council and have to constantly avoid the Squads that patrol the streets–for our “safety,” of course. Yeah, right. Taking out the trash, more like. One of my greatest fears is getting caught and taken to a camp. I’ve heard some horror stories that would make you gag.


  2. […] Mullican–I think I just met her through the nano hop–is holding a Q&A in character as Clare from her dystopian. a post in character as Clare from her dystopian. It sounds like a fun idea, so I’m passing […]


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