First Thing’s First

Every great story starts out with a great first line, right?

Well, if I’m going to start the next book while I let the first one sit a bit before truly diving into revisions, I need a great first line. Except I’ve never had to write a first line for a sequel before.

I’ve got a few things to consider: Where in the story to continue (i.e. how much time do I want to elapse after the end of the first book), what setting to start in, POV, dialogue versus narrative, etc. It’s not just picking where to start the story; it’s picking where in the story to resume. I’ve also got to make sure it’s interesting and hooks the reader from the get-go.

I suppose I could, y’know, plot the second book first…but that would just make sense. šŸ˜‰ I have a general idea where it’s going to start and a rough direction, but as a pantser I have trouble sticking to an outline. There are a ton of things that happened in this first draft that were not plannedĀ at all. The characters just decided how things would be, and I rolled with it. I like where it went, and it’s much better than my original ideas. I guess the characters are better writers than I am lol

First thing’s first, though…I gotta get a good story hook, a good first line. It’ll probably take me a while. The draft I just finished had about ten different first lines before I found one that pulled you in and set a good scene. Once I get momentum I do well, but I guess I need to stumble quite a few times before I hit the ground running.

I guess I’ll take the seat of my pants and get going. Let’s see where the characters take me now!


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