Coming up short

I almost had it! I thought I had bought enough fabric and binding for three hoodie-scarves (hopefully four), and I came up less than three feet short on the binding! Guess it means another trip to JoAnn’s before the holiday…not that I mind going there. 😉

With the holidays fast approaching I’d hoped to finish them all today so I could ship them out in time. I think I’ll still be able to (if I get the afternoon off as is currently planned), but I gotta hustle once I get back from the store this afternoon. I’d like to get them wrapped, packed, and shipped today as well, if I can get them done in time.

I have another gift to ship, too, though that one isn’t a sewing project. It’s a print I made of a drawing I did…I’m such a narcissist when it comes to giving gifts lol

Now that I’m making presents (and not just discussing with my husband what presents we’re going to buy for people), I’m finally getting into the holiday spirit. I can’t wait to decorate the apartment this weekend, get the tree up, and get more wrapping done.

I guess part of it is living in the Southwest. The weather has only just now started getting cold in the mornings and some days chilly in the afternoons. When it’s 80 degrees out, it’s hard to think “Christmas.”

Next year I’ll start the handmade gift planning earlier…then if I run out of binding (or anything else) I’ll have more time to pop to the store and get what I need lol


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