Thirty five karat

Posted: November 26, 2016 in #dystopian, Musings, New Year, Novel, Politics, Sci-fi, Self Publishing, Time, Writing
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OK, not really. But wouldn’t that be something? 

No, my 35k is a word count, and I’m at a point I didn’t expect to reach so soon in the story I’m writing. The narrative is still pretty much in the first act, but I’m at roughly the same word count that Whispers of  Death came out to in the first draft

It’s exciting, because that means I’ve surpassed my first attempt at a novel. Will I be able to finish this one? Probably not by the end of this year (my one and only goal for 2016 was to finish the first draft, but that’s not going to happen–then again, 2016 has pretty much screwed us all over in one way or another), but I think it will get finished. Maybe 2017? Maybe.

I’m ashamed to admit that I really don’t know what’s going to happen. I got my protagonist into big trouble and I’ve got a couple subplots I’m threading in, but getting the protags from here to … wherever they’re going to end up is giving me issues. I need to speed up the tempo; not enough is going on right now. There needs to be some action and movement. 

I guess they can sit in the place they’re at for at least another day or two … maybe while the protags are resting the antags will start some of their schemes in motion.

There ya go! Go back to the main antagonist, let him get going some more. Maybe by then I’ll have figured out what the protags are doing with their lives.

Gotta be more entertaining than what they’re doing now. Politics suck no matter what time period you’re in. It’s even worse that I have multiple political systems going on at once. Why can’t the future be simple? Oh wait, I’m creating this future … Guess I only have myself to blame lol

Here’s to hoping the next 35k go smoothly!


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