I can play at that game, too…

…Yeah, you know what game I mean. The I’m-right-you’re-wrong-no-matter-what-you-say-and-I’ll-argue-the-same-points-until-I’m-blue-in-the-face game.

This is why I don’t like politics. Nobody ever “debates” anything. It’s all digging trenches and throwing the same words like grenades, hoping to score a hit against the other side. And nobody truly wins.

Sure, there are “winners” in elections and whatnot, but nobody wins. Nobody. Somebody’s always pissed about something. Sometimes they’re just pissed because other people don’t agree with them. I mean, just think for a minute about how diverse the human race is. Just think about it. Billions of individuals in the world. Do you really think everyone’s going to agree about any one point? No. They’re not. So can’t we just cut it out with the bitching?

Again, no. Human beings are individuals, but they’re also stubborn and opinionated. We each think we’re right. But we can’t all be right.

So how about stopping with the bitching and moaning over politics? You’re not convincing anyone on the “other side” that they’re wrong and you’re right. You’re not accomplishing anything, except maybe a burning need to vent your frustrations–or your elation, depending on what “side” you’re on.

At this point, from reading the posts and tweets of both “sides,” I have decided that I’m on neither side. I’m on my side.

Does this mean I’m going to start bitching about how I don’t want to live here anymore, how I want to move to Canada or Britain or Mozambique or something to get away from it all? No. I’m not going to overreact. As of right now, yeah, things are bad for some people in pockets all over. I have friends who are affected adversely by the state of the “union”–and that’s putting it mildly. But it hasn’t gotten to the degree yet where I’m going to dust off my passport and start booking travel arrangements.

I’m going to sit down, shut up, and keep scrolling…because no matter what either side says, I’m going to be my own person and not let anyone else tell me how to think.


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