Creative challenges

It never fails. I can’t do something, so naturally I want to do it.

I’m talking about artwork and crafts, and I have an idea in mind for something for my steampunk Dark Phoenix cosplay that I can’t implement until after my in-laws come to visit this weekend. I mean, I can draw up a paper mockup but that’s not getting the actual project done now, is it?

The same goes for making a phoenix wall hanging sculpture to sell on Etsy and sewing my husband’s Cyclops cosplay pants….it seems like I’ve regained my crafting drive right when it’s least convenient.

At this same time, I’ve once again stalled on my WIP. It’s not too bad of a stall….just decided to take out a chapter that wasn’t flowing with the rest of the story, which means taking out the lead in from the previous chapter, rewriting the chapter to fit, and of course rewriting the beginning of the following chapter (and possibly rewriting the majority of the following chapter). I know a lot of “experts” say to just get the story down and worry about rewrites later, but that’s not how I operate. I want it to flow, and if I can’t get it to flow I can’t envision the next step in the narrative.

I’m going to give myself a few days to see if something clicks on the WIP. You never know; it could happen. I’ve surprised myself before.

So there’s my creativity for you: I want to do all the projects I can’t do right now, and the one project I can easily do I’m stuck on. Maybe I should just play Bloodborne for a while until I get bored with dying.

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