Bad timing

Why is it that when I have to clean up my sewing mess I tend to get the urge to sew?

I have company coming this weekend, so the craft room must be transformed back into the guest room that it’s supposed to be. I spent about an hour this morning sorting and organizing a few things in there, but it’s only the smallest of starts to a big project. I had to take it easy because I had a flareup yesterday, and I didn’t want to aggravate anything.

But now I want to start on the pants for steampunk Cyclops that I cut out weeks ago. Grr.

I also have been on a writing kick lately, except that writing kick is what caused the procrastination on the cleaning. Why must the muse start talking to me when I have other things to do?

I guess that’s the way it goes. Murphy’s Law and all.

Hopefully starting next week I can sew again. Except we’re going out of town after Thanksgiving. And then there are the weeks leading up to Christmas. But after all that….

Guess after this weekend I had better get my happy ass back to sewing. 😉


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