When Characters Won’t Behave

I was on a great writing streak yesterday morning on my morning off work…

…until the characters stopped behaving and started going off-script.

It started innocently enough. One character (my main character) started doubting herself in her relationship with the other protagonist. Then things got complicated–on purpose, but still–and she turned into a whiny little brat. This proud, independent woman became a mouse, and I’m frustrated with her for that.

I’ve also realized that I need to introduce the main antagonists on a bigger scale a little sooner in the narrative. Right now, the protags are being pursued by a government task force, and though the “why” is there, the “who” is pretty vague. That bit can wait, though; adding in chapters between the MC POV is easier than what I have to do now, which is kick the MC in the proverbial ‘nads to get her to stop whining and be that strong woman again.


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