All Hallows

It’s Halloween! Which, considering I have a busy work day in front of me, means it’s just another Monday. 😦

Sitting here in the dark (because my husband isn’t up yet), I’m left wishing I had something to write. I know, I know, as an author I should always have something to write, but I can’t think up anything right now. The sci-fi/dystopian novel is still stalled, though it was fun to write the story last week about a few of the characters. I just don’t know where to go from where I left off. It’s almost like I’m afraid to even read it over again and see if I can pick up where I stopped. Or rewrite the beginning or some other part, if the beginning is still okay.

The easy thing would be to write a Halloween or horror short story…but why would I go the easy route? I want something challenging.

Well, at least to occupy my pre-work time. I’m praying to every God or Goddess I can think of to make today at work go by smoothly. I have a bad feeling, and that’s never a fun thing.


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