Spanglish, sleep-style

You know you’ve learned enough of another language when you dream about speaking in it.

I’ve had dreams with bits and pieces of Spanish in them for years now. Last night, though, my subconscious combined the Spanish I have learned with my job in healthcare and, apparently, a little something from the episode of Arrow I watched last night.

That’s right, I had to translate for some of the nurses at an imaginary hospital that I don’t work at because some of our superpowered patients were Hispanic and didn’t speak any English.

Can’t I leave work for even a night? Dude, brain, give me a rest.

I don’t really remember what I was saying, but it was the same painfully strained Spanglish that I normally speak at work. Bad grammar and all.

It’s funny how the mind works. Like, why did it decide I needed a Spanish refresher? Why did it have me working at a hospital? Why could I fly? And why were there superpowered people everywhere?

Okay, so that last one is obviously because I watched Arrow before bed. But the others? I didn’t even speak any Spanish yesterday. I always thought the brain processed one day’s info at a time. Then again, I also dropped out of psychology in college. The first day was super boring and I just didn’t want to sit through a whole semester of that. So maybe (definitely) I missed the lecture on dreams and the subconscious.


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