Good ideas, sans coherent thought

So I’ve started writing about two or three posts thus far this morning. One on chronic pain, one on addiction, one on…well, I’m not even sure where I was going with that one.

Why can I have great ideas for a post but nothing to write? Chronic pain is a great subject, but once I got to writing it just sounded like a bunch of self-deprecating “woe-is-me” bullshit. Same for the post on addiction; I’m not really addicted to that morning caffeine, am I? And if I am, who cares? No one does. So why was I going to write about it?

Sometimes I think I’m writing just for the sake of writing. Scratch that–most of the time I know I’m writing just for the sake of writing. I want attention, so I make up some bullshit that may or may not get read. What can get me the most attention? So lame.

I should just admit to myself that some days I have nothing to say, and let those days pass without a blog post. I mean, I do that anyway sometimes. Not often enough, though.

Yeah, my back hurts. Yeah, caffeine is more of an addiction than a habit for me. So what? Should I really try to stretch those two facts into a couple full blog posts?

Nah. I need to get over myself.

And maybe get some Tylenol. And an energy drink.



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