Posted: October 18, 2016 in Comic books, Convention, Cosplay, Crafting, Geek, Sewing, Steampunk, Thoughts, Time
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Every time I start work on my husband’s steampunk Cyclops cosplay, I find myself being distracted by some minutiae of the progress (what little there is) that needs to be fixed.

I had started basting fabric to interfacing, but I decided I didn’t like the way it turned out with the sewing machine foot I was using, so I stopped about half a dozen pattern pieces in and have been seam-ripping the basting in order to resew it better.

Why is this so difficult for me to get started? Normally I’m well into the project by now, especially one I am so excited to begin. I mean, if these cosplays turn out the way we have planned, they’re going to be our best ones to date. We’re plotting out the big picture and the small details. I have the cosplays envisioned in my mind; they’re taking shape on a conceptual level, so why can’t I bring the concept to life as I have in the past?

Perhaps I need to clean up my craft room. Maybe the clutter in which I normally reside is hampering my ability to progress at any reasonable speed.

I’ll give straightening up a go later on. My level of focus is on the “shiny object” scale right now, so organizing might not be the best thing to attempt at this time.


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