Work of Art…Friday?

It’s not alliteration, but it’ll have to do. I haven’t had any new art to show in a while, but the new printer/scanner I got has me excited about drawing again. Here’s a little something I cooked up in the wee hours this morning:


A tad off-center, but overall I like it. I’ve been experimenting a lot in the past year with more abstract, fluid shapes instead of drawing lifelike details. I think it’s a better style for me, and I kind of like the ink drawing/coloring. It’s a little frustrating at time (can’t erase, after all), but it’s also a little soothing. Sometimes I try to ink out specific things, like the dragon with flames above, or sometimes it’s just random shapes, like this:


That one was scanned on a different printer/scanner, but you get my drift. Just letting the forms take shape as they will, and maybe thickening the lines/curves if I goof up a bit. Turning those mistakes into happy little trees. Or something.

The great thing about this new printer is that I can scan and print different sized images (not just letter or legal sizes) to be able to scan and print more of my art, and even make prints on photo paper. I mean, it was a pain trying to scan 11 x 14 images at an office supply store, then paying for the scan and paying even more if I wanted it printed. Now? Now I can do it myself, at home, whenever I want. And yeah, I have to pay for the photo quality paper–but it’s all mine.

I will probably post more art in the coming days/weeks/whatever. Some will be brand new, some will be older stuff that I couldn’t scan previously. I may even reinstate my “Work of Art Wednesday” (and bring back that good ol’ alliteration). 😉

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