A tad behind….

Okay, so more than a tad behind. Really behind. Like, 3 1/2 years behind.

I’m talking about getting my wedding photos printed. I’ve been meaning to since the day after we got married, but I just haven’t gotten around to it until now. Why, you ask? Well, there are several reasons. 1) I’m a known procrastinator. 2) Expensive to print at Wal-Mart/Walgreens/etc etc. 3) I didn’t have the super mega awesome printer that I have now.

I’m loving the way the photos came out. They’ve been on our Facebook page for our wedding, but there’s something about seeing them printed out that feels great. And all nice and neat in an album? Even better!

Next on my plans for the printer is to print a few samples of my art and see how they turn out. If they turn out looking nice, I’ll print them on photo paper and be able to have actual prints that I can sell to people, rather than just the plain paper drawing/painting/etc. I might even be able to make and sell (or give away) prints of the painting I did for the cover art of my novel. That might be nice, being able to have a giveaway deal…might garner some interest in the book and if I can sell the prints even better, because that means more $$ for me (however little lol).

Nothing much else to report. It’s been a slow few days. I got started on the cutting of the fabric for my husband’s Cyclops cosplay, but then my serger kind of is acting up and I want to troubleshoot that when I get a chance–most likely this weekend–and see if I can jigger it to where it’s behaving before I start sewing any pieces together.

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