Sorry for the radio silence lately. I’ve kinda been out of the writing mood in recent days. That, and I haven’t had much to say. (Not that I usually have much to say, but I can usually BS it to where it seems like I have something to say.) 😉

Work is work. Life is life. See? Not much to say.

I got my Dark Phoenix breastplate painted, though! It turned out amazing.


I know I posted a photo before, but the lighting was terrible. This has better lighting. I’m so excited for the cosplay to be done, but it will be a looooong time, because I have to get the fabric, sew the cosplay together, and make the harness once the dress is done. And sew my husband’s cosplay. Cuz his comes first (we bought the fabric first and I already have all the pieces for the pants cut.)

Perhaps part of the reason I’ve been kinda quiet lately is that I’ve been a bit depressed. I just wish I had some local friends I could hang out with. I see other friends & coworkers getting along & hanging out, and I’m all at home like yep, guess I’ll sit in my craft room by myself or just watch TV or read or something. My husband would say I need to invite other people out and not wait to be invited, but I have trouble with that. I get paranoid that the person(s) I’m wanting to hang out with will be too busy and I’ll feel stupid for asking. Same reason I don’t like making phone calls, I guess. Afraid I’ll call at a bad time, so I text instead. Less hassle for the person on the receiving end. Or something.

Well, I guess that’s it for today. Maybe I should make this a little interactive to get the writing juices flowing…

So, if you’re reading this and have a good writing prompt idea, comment with a prompt and I’ll try to write a piece of flash fiction or a short story based on the prompt! 🙂 That should spark some ideas there. 😉


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