Politics suck. Especially these days. We have skeevy liar in one corner and orange narcissist in the other. Sure, there are 3rd party options, but the media is giving them zero coverage. So we’re going to be stuck with either skeevy or orange once November rolls around. Suddenly, The Hunger Games don’t seem so far-fetched.

I know I should care more about politics. I should be involved in the future of my country, and I should try to use what little voice I have to try to make it a better future.

But, to be perfectly honest, I hate politics. I don’t understand the nuances of politics, and even some of the larger workings escape me. I could make an effort to learn, to educate myself, to expand my views…but let’s face it, I’ll always be more interested in teaching myself about ways to dismember and dispose of a body (for writing purposes, people!) than in reading up on the Constitution.

Yes, I am one of those dangerous uneducated voters. I vote–I make sure to vote–but I rarely understand what, or who, I’m voting for. I read up on the local issues, the things that can have an immediate effect on me personally, but pipelines? Nuclear bombs? Refugees? When it comes to those issues, I don’t have much of an opinion. Pipelines through native lands are bad, nuclear bombs are bad (unless we own them–then they’re good for defense of our country, or throwing our weight around…whatever), and refugees are cool with me, though I have no solution for how to weed out the terrorists that will inevitably sneak in amidst the influx.

What’s a non-political girl to do? I can’t just not vote. That would be stupid. Or would it? Which is the dumber choice: to vote when you don’t know what/who you’re voting for/against, or not voting at all and leaving what few opinions/views you have unheard?

Sometimes I wish our political system was like Game of Thrones. Stabbings, poisonings, familial holdings…these things I understand. Good ol’ G.R.R. had the right idea. Simplify things by making the issues more feral. Power. Control. Fire and blood. That’s the way to get today’s apathetic public to wake up and pay attention. Throw in a dragon for good measure. Hell, we’ve got advanced genetics, right? Cook up a dragon or two. They don’t necessarily have to be capable of flight or breathing fire. Just some big-ass lizard with teeth the size of a toddler. Put the candidates in a ring with one of those, and the winner gets the White House. It would make for great reality TV.

And, as a bonus, we’d probably get a dragon for president.

(P.S.–Why did a McDonald’s logo come up when I Googled American flag images? The country’s in a worse state than I thought!)


2 thoughts on “Civic-absentminded

  1. you should care more about politics. the first step is to ignore all (well, most of) this bullsh** theyre throwing at you.

    when the “choices” people believe they have are “suck” and “more suck,” then the only politics that really matter are the ones that go beyond that. most people– for whatever reason– are content with “lets just make the most of ‘suck’.” not for me, thanks! if politics isnt the art of making the world less mundane and stupid to live in, then im not participating either. whatever i do instead, people will say im “too political.” wrong again– theyre not political enough, because theyre a brick in a bullshitocracy. fair warning though: my sjw days are long gone, and im never going back.


  2. I’m sensing a lot of anger in you. No capital letters, some punctuation errors…Like, you know how to shift because you have the quotations and open/closed parentheses and exclamation point. So, I guess that’s a start? Don’t know why my post caused such a rant. I’m just telling things from my point of view.


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