Building momentum

Last night we spoke with our builder about the house we plan to build next year. It took three hours, but we talked about the whole bid line by line. There are a few things that we were hoping to afford that we just can’t get right away, but we’re excited about the progress that’s being made, and we’re giddy at the thought of having our own home. If things continue as planned, we should have a new home for our fifth anniversary 🙂

The cosplay life is at a standstill right now as I’ve not had the energy to start on any new projects yet. I still need to get the gold spray paint for the phoenix breastplate, and I still need to start the costumes. We don’t even have the fabric for mine yet lol But we have plenty of time to get these done. I’m hoping to avoid the dreaded Con Crunch this time around.

Otherwise, life is life. Working, doing our usual thing. Waiting for my husband’s birthday and Phoenix Fan Fest. We’re going to revisit the Shatterstar and Magik cosplays, and hopefully get some good material for an article or two about the con (seeing as how I’m going as media).

Off to get spray paint!


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