I feel a change in the air

It’s that time of year again! Fall is fast approaching, which in Arizona means that morning temps are dipping way down into the sixties. Brr (well, brr for an Arizonan). I can tell that the weather is changing, because I can feel it in my back. I haven’t done anything this morning to exacerbate my arthritis, but I feel that slight pain and pressure that means change is a’comin’.

Soon it may be time to pull the winter clothes out of the closet and put away some of the summer ones. I know I’ll need my sweatshirts once colder weather comes; I’m not very adept at resisting the cold weather. My husband teases me because I get chilly at 70 degrees. Well, not inside…but 70 degrees outside? Yeah, I get cold.

At times, the colder weather is nice. I like bundling up with warm clothes and snuggling under a pile of blankets. When I’m home, that is. Out in the thick of it, though, not so much.

This year I have a nice pattern for a hat/scarf combo that should help me beat the cold. It’s from LoriAnn Designs and it’s a Simplicity pattern:


Cute, right? And I have plenty of fabric that I can use to make multiples of this. TARDIS fabric, Star Wars fabric, prints and solids, fleece and cotton…a scarf-hat to go with every outfit! (Okay, maybe not that many…but I’ll definitely make a few at least.) And they have pockets. Pockets! Pockets in a design are amazing, especially for women. Women’s designs are sorely lacking in the pocket department, and I don’t have the design/sewing skills to necessarily add pockets wherever I choose. I have to try to figure out where in the pattern I can add them, and how. I am not good at this yet, but hopefully in the future I’ll get the hang of it.

I’m also wondering if I can get a nice sweatshirt pattern (or maybe deconstruct a sweatshirt I have to make a pattern) since I now have a serger for sewing knits. Making my own sweatshirts out of cool Doctor Who or Star Wars patterned fabric might be fun. Or cutting out the designs off T-shirts that don’t really fit any more and sewing them onto sweatshirt fabric…that might be cool, too. Ooh! Making pockets on sweatshirts by sewing different fabric onto them!

I’m dangerous when it’s 3:45 in the morning and I start getting ideas 😉


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