Lazy Sunday

Posted: September 18, 2016 in Insomnia, Sleep

It’s here again: Sunday, the day I usually fully intend to accomplish many things but end up sleeping most of the day away. Catching up on all those Rory-induced early mornings? Perhaps, or perhaps it’s because I don’t generally drink energy drinks on Sunday so I can kind of conserve them and have plenty for during the week.

My goals for today were to clean and straighten up the craft room a bit, and maybe start on my husband’s steampunk Cyclops cosplay. Sadly, even after going back to sleep several times this morning I’m just not awake enough for it. I mean, I’m sitting here backspacing over lines and lines of letters that appear when I doze off and my fingers get heavy on the keys.

Maybe some food will help. It’s kind of early for lunch, but I’m getting a tad hungry, so maybe that’s what I need to pep myself up.

Or maybe I just need this sleep. I have had several days this past week where I got next to no sleep at night; could this be my body’s way of making up for that?

Well, we’ll see if some snack or something wakes me up a bit. Got things to do.


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