Is it so wrong to want just the right colors for a costume?

There’s a specific color scheme I’m looking for to make my Dark Phoenix steampunk cosplay, and it’s damn hard to find all of the colors I want. I can find the colors on Amazon, but in-town shopping is a nightmare. The biggest fabric retailer in town has one or two of the colors I want, but I really want to get all three colors from the same place. That way the fabrics have a consistent texture/quality, y’know?

I’m hoping that as fall closes in the colors I’m looking for will become available. I’m on the hunt for a good, deep red (preferably a dark red, but red-red will do in a pinch), a bronze/burnt-orangey color (this one is proving hard to find), and a yellow/gold color (bright yellow seems to be easiest to find, but not in quite the shade I’m wanting). Why do I have to be so picky?!

We won’t be wearing these cosplays until next March at the earliest, most likely next May/June, but I want to get the fabric together so I can plan and prepare. I also like to get moving on the cosplays so I’m not wasting time looking for the “perfect” fabric, etc. The sooner they’re done, the sooner they can be worn.

My husband’s luckier. He found all the colors/textures he wanted in one fabric store visit. All we need to get for him is some leather for the steampunk-y harness & belt I have planned. It’s a superhero steampunk cosplay–at least one of us needs a utility belt 😉

Part of the reason I want certain colors for mine is I want to incorporate at least one color from the phoenix top hat I bought at Dragon Con.


Kinda hard to tell from the photos, but see the flames coming out of the phoenix’s mouth? The lighter color? That’s the kind of bronze-y color I’m looking for. I don’t need much of it, but enough to incorporate to tie the whole thing together. I think that color, in the right combination, would go well with a shiny dark red/red and shiny gold/yellow. (That would also allow me to tie in the wig, which I need to clean and style still…but that’s for another day.) My husband’s top hat was easier to match, because it’s just black leather with blue suede. We even found some blue faux suede in the same shade at the local fabric retailer. Lucked out there.

Maybe I’ll end up going to Amazon. I’m still leery of online fabric buying, but I suppose I can always return it if I don’t like the fabric. There’s just not that ability to feel the fabric, to hold it and see how it drapes and feels against the skin and whatnot. Textile shopping is a very tactile experience.

3 thoughts on “Materialistic

  1. Ditto on textile shopping being a very tactile experience. So far I haven’t bought fabric on the net – I tried once, but they insisted on money order and wouldn’t accept my card (neither debit nor credit). Cue a lot of swearing and “eff you, effing narrow-minded americans” and so I didn’t buy anything. I travel and shop for fabric instead. 😃


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