The gears are turning…

I think I’ve finally had a breakthrough on the steampunk Cyclops cosplay for my husband. I had been trying to figure out what to do about the “X” symbol and how to incorporate it while making it more “steampunk” when it hit me: Do a cog/gear with an X in the middle of it!

Granted, it’s a simple and likely common solution to that little dilemma, but I think if I find the right design to print out I can transfer it to polymer clay easily enough and bake myself a little X for his costume. The tricky part will be getting it even, because I suck at rolling the clay to an even thickness.

I am brimming with so many ideas for these cosplays that I almost hate that I have to redo the corset for my Magik cosplay. I want to get started on the steampunk cosplays and see what I can create from the patterns and fabrics I have. I’ve already got several ideas for how to make new things that I think will really enhance the costumes. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s the cold medicine talking. Either way, should be interesting once they’re done. I almost wish there was another con before Phoenix Comicon that we could wear them to.

Oh, wait! I think there is! Tucson has an annual Wild Wild West Con, which is a steampunk convention. Hmm….wonder if I can convince hubby to go for that one………..

I totally should be sleeping right now. Resting. Recuperating. But no, the little gears in my head are moving too fast to be stopped now. Soon, my creations will come to life!


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