The Plague Continues

Yeah, I’m still sick. Still coughing, sniffling, blowing-my-nose-every-five-minutes miserable.

I think today I’ll bite the bullet and go to a doctor. Taking constant decongestant medicine plus cough syrup plus whatever else I can get hold of just isn’t working. The mucus is taking control of my life.

I probably should have gone last week, but I didn’t want to leave my coworkers hanging on a busy Friday.

Con Plague: Oh, how I despise thee.

You’d think that spending the majority of the weekend in bed would be enough rest to let this gunk clear out of my lungs and whatnot. Nope. I am still coughing up gross stuff and my sinuses are still carrying a ridiculous amount of mucus.

Aaaaand I can’t focus for shit. I just spent ten minutes blindly scrolling on Facebook because I forgot I was writing a post.

Time to go do something mind-numbing. Or, er, mind-numbinger.


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