The Road Home

Man, what a whirlwind of a week!

I started last Monday morning at work and have either been in the car, in a motel, or at the con pretty much the entire time since I left work. I’m exhausted and still have a few more days on the road before I can rest up, which I’ll need… I caught the dreaded Con Crud! Sheesh.

That being said, I had a blast at the con. Tons of people complimented my husband and I on our cosplays, and we had our pictures taken several times with each cosplay. The sword for Magik was a bitch to carry around, but Anthony Lemke made it all worth it when he geeked out over it. An actor, probably exhausted himself from the con circuit, literally jumped at the chance to have his photo taken with it.

Look how happy he is! It was great. The Doctor Who photo op went well as well, except I kinda stabbed Arthur Darvil with my shoulder armor spikes. Oops.

The Firefly op I wasn’t as excited for (partly because I never got into the show), so when Adam Baldwin kinda got annoyed with us trying to squeeze in and shoved us forward I was a little peeved, but he wasn’t necessarily rude about it; just probably worn out from the con. He literally went immediately from a long line of individual photos to an even longer line of group photos.

Poor Summer Glau got stabbed by the spikes too. Sorry, Summer 

I got a few new goodies at the con, too…a good quality wig for my Steampunk Dark Phoenix cosplay, as well as a cool (& expensive) top hat for it. 

Overall a good weekend, but I have to say I’m partial to Phoenix Comicon. Less crowded (even with higher attendance numbers), less spread out (which means less walking all over the place), and generally better organized. Not the worst con I’ve been to by any means, but I guess I’m just a Phoenix girl at heart.

It was also great getting to visit with my best friend for the first time since my wedding.

It was like no time had passed at all, which is the best type of friendship if you ask me. I only had half a day with her, but it was still great fun.

That’s all for the week’s highlights. I have more, but I think I’m going to sign off and maybe take a passenger side nap for a bit before it’s my turn at the wheel.


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