The voyage

Posted: August 29, 2016 in Convention, Cosplay, Geek
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Today’s the day! We leave for Dragon Con as soon as I get out of work, and I’m buzzing with excitement. Well, not literally buzzing. I’m, like, sitting here calmly drinking my energy drink with excitement. Maybe once the energy drink kicks in I’ll be buzzing 😉

Almost all of our things are packed and gathered around the futon, ready to be Tetris’d into the car once my husband gets off work. Then, once I get off work, we’ll be on the road. The long, long road.

It’s our first long road trip together…sure, we went to Anaheim for our honeymoon, but that was one relatively short day of driving. This here will be a test of our patience with each other–and with the other drivers. The other drivers will be the deciding factor, I think. Especially the truckers.

Not that I have anything against any specific truckers in particular. I’m sure there are responsible, courteous truckers out there who don’t block the lefthand lane, don’t cut people off, and don’t generally impede the flow of traffic. However, there are quite a few jackasses who ruin things for the rest of them. There’s a reason the movie Joy Ride terrified me.

In other news, the cosplays are now completely done! My husband and I finished the shoulder armor for my Magik cosplay last night. It’s not perfect (there aren’t as many spikes on this armor as there are in the comic book, but it’s pretty damn good for noobs who didn’t know what they were doing).


Hard to see the spikes with this photo (the futon unfortunately is black as well…this is the best image I could get), but I’ll definitely have better photos after the con.

I don’t know how much blogging time I’ll get in before I get back. We have a pretty busy schedule for the con, so I might just get a day or two? If that. So be ready for a deluge of photos after the con ends…because there will be! 🙂

See y’all after the con!


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