What was I so worried about?

I’ve finally bitten the bullet and started on my husband’s Spandex bodysuit for his Shatterstar cosplay, and after a few missteps (mostly due to incorrect pinning on my part), I have decided that the serger isn’t scary. In fact, it’s pretty much awesome! It’s faster than the regular sewing machine and the edges are so much cleaner. The threading isn’t as complicated as everyone made it out to be, and I changed the needles by myself with no problem.

So what was I so scared of when it came to the serger? I mean, really, what was it?

I think it was bad press, so to speak. Some people have so many problems with sergers that they hate the things. I’m loving mine, so I guess it’s a personal preference.

The bodysuit is probably 1/3-1/2 done, with the zipper being the most daunting part at this point. Sewing a non-stretchy thing to a stretchy fabric should be interesting.

After this it’s the Spandex pants for my Magik cosplay, then on to little things that need making or fixing. I want to make a pouch to go on my belt so I have something to carry my phone and ID/cards in. Thanks to sales at JoAnn’s & Hobby Lobby, I don’t have to make up a design for the pouch–I have a pattern to use! 🙂

I’d be working on the cosplays this morning, but it’s yet another surgery day at work and it’s hard to get into the process of pinning and sewing when I’ve got less time to get ready for work. On these days, it feels like I barely get anything started before I have to stop and take my shower.

I’ll start sewing after work, though. Gotta get done….getting down to the wire, just two more weeks until we’re on the road to Dragon Con!


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