Keeping secrets

Posted: August 15, 2016 in Thoughts

So what do you do when you’re put in a position–intentionally or not–where you’re forced to decide between A) keeping a secret that you’re not supposed to know to spare one or more people some pain and B) spilling the beans and causing all sorts of heartache?

Right now I’m on the fence. So far I’ve been following A, but B is seeming more like the “right thing to do.” But I technically haven’t been told the secret by the person who is keeping the secret. So they’re keeping the secret from me, too, which is silly because it’s something that I could easily find out on my own–as I did. So…..I’m really under no obligation to keep said secret, save for the fact that it would possibly do more harm than good to keep it. Or something.

To tell or not to tell? To be free of a burden that was unfairly placed on me, or to unfairly place a burden on someone else? It’s a fucking bitch of a choice to make.

Maybe I’ll sleep on it–some more–and see what my subconscious tells me. All it’s told me so far is that I’ll be digging myself in deeper if I say anything. Maybe I should’ve blabbed to begin with? But then again, it isn’t my secret to tell. Or is it?

This is a real bitch.


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