I hate sleeves

Ugh. Sleeves. The current bane of my cosplay existence.

I don’t mind wearing them…it’s sewing them that’s the problem. You’ve gotta make a round peg fit in a different-shaped round hole. Then sew it without catching the fabric and having to seam rip a crapton of stuff. Oh, and the pattern calls for stupid ugly gathered shoulders, so I have to do my level best to figure out how to un-gather them and still make the coat fit right.

I’m hoping to have enough of it put together to have my husband try on the coat-with-one-sleeve before I put the other one on. I need to see exactly what needs to be cut and what needs to be let out. Fun (not).

After this comes the start of the lining, something I’ve never really done before. Another new sewing “adventure” on my cosplay journey. The coat requires lining, and the character I’m trying to create with this costume has a lining on his coat, too. Damn. A step I can’t skip.

I really need to step things up. I made a list the other day of things I need to get done, and there are a lot more than I thought I had to do. What does that mean? I may go silent on here for a while–too much sewing to do!

Well, back to the pains in the ass…I mean sleeves.


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