New Frontiers

Well, it’s learning time again. Which is great, because I love to learn new things!

I’m starting training on a new position at work today. It’s exciting, even though it’s repetitive work, because I get to learn something new and I get to have more responsibility. It may seem like easy work, but it’s super important and crucial, and you can’t take any shortcuts or slack off. Back-to-back work. Nonstop.

A few months ago I spent a single day training on this position but wasn’t able to continue because of how the schedule worked out. Now, though, they have time to fit me in for training plus I get the bonus of possibly working towards another new position that, while a great opportunity, is a bit intimidating. Even more responsibility. Even more back-to-back. Even more nonstop. Even more stress.

I’m confident that I can at least master the position I’m training for today, but the other position terrifies me. Gotta face your fears, though. Suck it up and keep pushing. Or something equally inspirational.



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