I thought it would be fun to write for another website. More articles to write, more entertainment news to cover. I’m quickly realizing, however, that this new website is nothing about actual article writing. All they’re after is website clicks, and they don’t even want any original material. That’s right–I’ve become one of those click-bait writers. So demeaning.

It’s hellishly mind-numbing. Take one of the articles they select for you to source from, paraphrase/quote, source, photo credit, tag it, bag it, post, and repeat. Nothing even newsworthy, because it’s all information that other websites have already covered. No interviews, no original reviews, nothing thought-provoking. Just regurgitated information.

I hate to quit anything, but this new site just isn’t working out for me. I’m creatively stifled. There is nothing inventive, nothing entertaining, nothing worthwhile to what I am doing. At least with Talk Nerdy With Us there’s more freedom, more creativity. If I come up with a great idea for a post, I’m free to write it. I don’t have to copy other websites, which frankly makes me feel like a plagiarist (despite the fact that with this new site we credit all of our sources).

Talk Nerdy With Us is an amazing family. This other site? Nope. They’re just about the number of website views and interactions. I’ve not even been writing for them a week and I’m already over it. Give me my Talk Nerdy With Us. Give me my freedom. Give me my originality.

Give me liberty or gtfo.


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