Good Morning, My Old Nemesis, We Meet Again

Ah, there it is. The arthritis. I haven’t had morning aches/stiffness like this in quite some time. Guess I overdid it at work yesterday? That or I slept wrong. I even dreamed about having back pain. Sheesh.

I’m hoping the stiffness and soreness goes away after a little while. Sometimes it takes a half hour or more when I’ve got a bad day, so we’ll see. A little Tylenol might kick it in the nuts, too.

Some days the RA is under such good control that I forget I even have arthritis. I kinda get up, get going, and maybe have a twinge in my back here or there, maybe some aching in my fingers or something. So far today is nor a forgetting day, but then I only just woke up. It could easily get better once I’ve been up a while.

I guess that’s life. You have your problems and you deal with them, but sometimes they’re harder to deal with than others.


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