Night and Day

Writing for this new website is definitely different from writing for Talk Nerdy With Us. TNWU has a more family feel, with more relaxed rules for posting. The new site? Rules, rules, rules.

Which is not necessarily a bad thing. Naming sources is important, as is giving photo credit where credit is due. Grammar and punctuation are also important; you must present a professional face when creating a professional site.

I’ll admit that I haven’t read all of the posts on either site; I simply don’t have the time! (Both are very prolific sites.) However, in excerpts from TNWU I have noticed some grammatical errors that could easily have been avoided. Sure, there’s longer content and more original thought, but without the foundation of proper grammar some of the articles may turn out seeming unprofessional and more bloggy than the news posts on the new site.

Switching styles between sites can be jarring, but I can do it. I just need to remember to keep to all the rules of the new site.


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