Well, I did it. I jinxed myself.

I’m not a very superstitious person in general, but there’s one thing that I get paranoid about: saying things are quiet/easy at work. Inevitably, if you say “Gee, it’s quiet today” or “Man, it was such a nice day today” something happens. Triages come in, tests are ordered, someone’s sent to the hospital, or, in the case of yesterday, you get a text saying that, instead of coming in at 7:50 for a relatively “easy” day at one office, you’re needed for a long, busy shift starting at 6:00 instead.

It’s my own fault. I know better. I used to jump down the throat of anyone who commented on how quiet it was at the hospital where I used to work. I’d say, “If you just jinxed us, you’re running the code yourself!”

A terrible night’s sleep is not helping things, either. I had a dream that I forgot I was supposed to be in earlier and thus was late, and I kept waking up just about every hour. Can’t even blame it on the cat, because he left me alone most of the night. I finally woke up around 2:15 because I just wasn’t sleepy anymore. Go figure.

I’m trying to psych myself up into a positive attitude that today will be a good day….but I don’t want to jinx myself.


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