So little time…

I’ve taken on a lot of projects lately–some business projects, some for me.

On my to do list: make new scrub tops (the fabric is already cut), make Star Wars fingerless gloves for myself from the remaining fabric (also already cut), do two album reviews for, do a commission drawing for a friend, several critiques for the writing/critiquing group I’m in, and a new art project for an RPG development company.

Whew! How do I get myself into these kind of messes? Lol Not that I mind. It’s all fun stuff, just a lot to do.

Oh yeah, and I have work. That, too.

Got to figure out my time management and see which ones need to take priority and which ones can wait a teeny bit. I have the afternoon off tomorrow and all weekend; some of these things can be done while I’m doing laundry at my parents’ house, but not all. The scrub tops can wait, though I hate to do that (because I totally want Star Wars scrub tops ASAP lol).

Off to the day job now!


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