Sad Kitteh

Poor Rory. Our cat has had ringworm for over two weeks, and our vet’s office hasn’t gotten back to us on his lab results to confirm it (we know it’s ringworm, though–just Google the images & it’s obvious what it is). The “7-10 day” time period for the labs to come back has been & gone with no answers. In the meantime, poor Rory has to have medicine put on twice a day and yesterday he was lethargic and acting strange.

The good news is, he’s still eating/drinking/voiding as normal. He even woke me up at nothing in the morning as is his usual routine, so that’s a plus (who would’ve though I’d be glad to have him wake me up in the middle of the night lol).

My husband is going to the vet today to get answers. He’s going to find out why the labs aren’t back yet, or if they are why we haven’t been notified, and what else we can do to make Rory better.

We love our Rory and want to be sure he’s happy and healthy.


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