Woman versus machine

I’m slowly learning how to use my sewing machine.

Yesterday, I began the morning with threading the needle wrong and breaking it. I managed to replace the needle without incident, but a little while later the thread somehow came unthreaded and got slightly tangled inside the machine. Again, with the help of the instruction book, I was able to carefully untangle the thread and get it running again.

I got one laundry bag completed before I got frustrated and stopped for the day (not to mention it was getting almost time to do, well, laundry). This morning I plan on attacking the machine again, this time to make the third laundry bag–the first was made on my mom’s machine, and the hamper thing we have needs 3 bags–then I might play around with it until I figure out some new things.

I might (emphasis on might) attempt a scrub top, but I’ll use some spare fabric first if I do that. Don’t want to mess up any nice fabric. Tomorrow I’m headed to Hobby Lobby to spend a gift card I got for my birthday, so I might get some cheap fabric for practice purposes.

The bobbin winder that I got proved less contrary and works great. Very simple to use.

Once I have this machine mastered, I’m going to alter some clothes and make some cosplays. I already have my next big project for the next convention I go to sketched up and preliminarily designed. (Yes, spell check, I know that’s not a word. Bite me.) Provided that it turns out, it’s going to look awesome if I do say so myself. A lot of the fabric I need for it I already have, so it shouldn’t be too terribly expensive–I hope. It all depends on how confident and ambitious I get. The design so far is simple enough, except for the top, which will be either a faux corset or possibly an actual corset. Again, depends on confidence and ambition. And cost. Those steel bones aren’t cheap. That, too, will have to have a practice run, but thankfully I have fabric that I purchased months ago for making myself a corset of some sort, so hopefully it won’t be too bad.

I’ll get this sewing machine figured out. I’ll master it–at least enough for cosplays, simple clothing, alterations, and repairs. I’m too damn stubborn not to.


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