Let me tell you a story…

…about a crappy fast food joint. This establishment sits at the junction of I-10 and Cortaro Road in Tucson, Arizona.

Two orders placed: one for a fish sandwich with tomato and onion added, and one for an A1 mozzarella bacon cheeseburger.

Orders received, the patrons sat down to eat their meal.

First to dig in was the one who ordered the fish. One single bite revealed that the onion and tomato were not there. Was the order entered incorrectly? Checking the receipt, she found that the extra items had indeed been entered and charged.

She took her sandwich (minus one bite) to the cashier and, receipt in hand, pointed out the discrepancy. The cashier took the erroneous sandwich to a cook and brought it back to the patron.

The sandwich was returned rather quickly, and the patron suspected that this was not freshly-cooked. Sure enough, when she sat back down at the table and opened the wrapper the “new” sandwich with the tomato and onion added was inside–complete with the missing bite from where she had started to eat.

The first patron was hungry, though, so she ate this dubious dish.

At this point, the second patron had finished his fries and was opening his own wrapper. Lo and behold, the A1 mozzarella bacon cheeseburger had neither mozzarella nor bacon.

Being hungry himself, the second patron ate the disappointing burger, though he took the time to fill out the online survey as directed on the receipt, making sure to be as thorough as possible in his report.

Once the two were done eating, the second patron walked back to the register to ask for the manager on duty.

To say that the manager’s reaction was indifferent would be an understatement. The manager simply did not care that their staff had risked food contamination by taking a partially-eaten sandwich back into the kitchen.

The moral of this story?

Don’t go to the Burger King on I-10 and Cortaro Road in Tucson, Arizona. They’re fucking disgusting assholes, and they don’t give a shit about getting orders correct.

The end.


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