Exploring sensuality

No, I’m not talking about that! Get your mind out of the gutter!

I’m talking about my #writing. The new story I’ve started, which I hope I can turn into a #novel–the one I talked about the characters pulling me into a different sub-genre than I intended–is rapidly turning into an #erotica story. Oops.

Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with writing erotica. Loads of people write it, and it can be very lucrative if you are good enough at it. It’s just…different. Not what I normally think of myself as writing. True, there are sexually explicit scenes in my first book (yet to be published, still very much a work in progress), but it’s far from an “erotica” novel because there are only a few sex scenes.

This is new territory for me, but it’s kind of exciting (not that kind of exciting) to see where it takes me. Who knows? Maybe I’ll find a hidden talent somewhere in there. Maybe this is just supposed to be the genre I’m meant to work in. Stranger things have happened.


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