Backup a few steps

Maybe I’m just getting paranoid now that I’m getting even closer to the point where I seek out an agent. Maybe I’m just being overly cautious. But today, in addition to already having my manuscript on hard drive and on Dropbox, I also copied all my files–including the older ones that I have since revised–onto a flash drive.

I usually don’t take quite that many precautions, but with Windows 10 coming out (and my laptop being quite old), I didn’t want to risk losing anything important. I just had this horrific vision of Windows 10 somehow wiping my files at the same time that Dropbox wiped my files in some freak cosmic “Fuck you” from the universe.

Well fuck you, universe. I’m going to get this book finished and published. It probably won’t be this year. Maybe not even next year. It may have to be self published. But it will be done. That’s a promise.


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