Let Not the Past Repeat Itself

Excerpt from Kamikaze Butterflies:

Let Not the Past Repeat Itself

Three generations have passed

Since the death of a father

So great, so grand

But not so sound of mind

Locked away he was

‘Til the end of his days

Until the internal struggle exhausted him

And he succumbed

Now comes a daughter

So great, so grand

Who fears the father’s fate

Will the great grandness of the past capture her?

Though her condition may be mild

And her coherence still in place

It looms, the terror of the past

A darkened cloud within

Will exasperations escalate

Until the daughter

So great, so grand

Succumbs to the great grandness

That consumed the father

Pray, good friend

To whichever God or Gods you pray

Pray that the legacy has not been passed

Pray that the past remains the past

Pray that the daughter will never suffer

The great grandness that was fatal


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