Long weekend of hard work

I have a three day weekend coming up, but don’t think I’ll be slacking off the whole time. I’ve got some major changes to make on a certain chapter in my WIP (based on some feedback I’ve received), and depending on how much is changed I may have to make changes in later chapters. That’s the thing about writing a story: if you make a change that affects something down the road, you have to go through the whole story to make sure you don’t write any plot holes in there.

I truly appreciate the critique group I found, because it allows me to see my work through fresh, unbiased eyes. The members of the group point out errors or faulty plot devices that need work that might have seemed like genius to me at the time.

This particular area that I need to fix is a tough one, and though it has been several days since I got the critique pointing out the flaw I still haven’t figured out how to rework it to make it more believable. I’m up for the challenge though. And I’m learning that I can take critique better than I thought I would. This is a good thing, because when it comes time for editors (and a  publisher perhaps?) to rip it to shreds I’ll have developed a thicker skin lol


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