The Mother load

It’s been a quiet yet busy Mother’s Day today.

I spent the morning alternately revising my novel, messaging the mothers I knew on Facebook to wish them a happy Mother’s Day, and critiquing work that had been emailed to me for review.

Then, for the afternoon/evening, I went with my husband and our cat to visit my mom and family. Mom and Dad are going to take care of our little Rory while we’re at Comicon, so Mom wants him to get acclimated to the other animals in the household (which took all of half an hour, so I think he’ll do just fine for a long weekend).

I managed to get 3000 words added to my novel through all this, which I’m quite proud of. I’ve only gone through six chapters, too, out of about thirty, with at least one full chapter I want to add in along the way.

Will I have another story in me after this one is finished? Who knows. But once this is done (& published, even if I have to do it myself), I will have accomplished something I had never thought I was good enough for.

I will do this!


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