To sleep, perchance to write

I have been so tired lately. If I’m not working, I’m fighting to stay awake…often a losing battle. I still manage to get some writing in, though, thanks to my strange tendency to wake up extremely early for no good reason.

For someone who used to be a night owl, I suddenly find myself going to bed early and waking before the sun. These early morning hours, before it’s time to get ready for work or run errands, seem to be my most productive writing times. I still am grateful to now have a working keyboard for my tablet so I can utilize lunch time at work for writing (or, as is the case right now, I can write while reclining beneath a pile of blankets without a cumbersome laptop weighing me down), but the mornings win hands down in the productivity department.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much; if I’m making progress, I’m making progress. I just wish it didn’t cause me to be so exhausted the rest of the time.


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