Back in the swing of things

After taking some time off to ponder the next move on my #novel, I added about 500 words this morning. It’s not much, but I have a new tablet keyboard now which will make it even easier to write on the go.

I still need to beef up some of the chapters, but I’m getting more and more confident that I’ll be able to do that more easily now. With the time I’ve spend brainstorming, I think I’ve got plenty of new ideas that will ultimately make the story better. It’s exciting, in a nerdy kind of way.

From the input I’ve received from the one person who has read a few chapters (I know, I know, you’re not supposed to have Alpha readers until you have a completed draft to read), I’m heading in the right direction. She’s already hooked and wants to see more, but I have to tweak the next bit before I let her have more of a teaser. 😉


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