Faded Memories

Even though I have an excerpt from my novel scheduled to post later today, I thought I’d share a poem from Kamikaze Butterflies as well. It fits with my mood as of late.

Faded Memories

Remember back in high school

When we said we’d keep in touch?

Oh, how long ago that was

I’ve forgotten oh, so much

The names and all the faces

Of people that I knew

Are gone from all my memories

When lists I go sifting through

I use the social search engine

To try to find old friends

But when I see that I’ve forgot

The search comes to an end

I look at all the faces

On all of the profiles

And sadly I think to myself

“This will take a while”

The only way it seems for me

To remember names and faces

Is to find my old yearbooks

In their old hiding places

I feel a twinge of sadness

And also a bit of guilt

That it seems that I’ve forsaken

The friendships that I built

If you come to read this

And you were once my friend

Feel free to send a message

So old friendships we can mend


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