Serial Killer: Lethal Testimony

Here’s the next installment of the serial killer shorts. Again I apologize for the formatting. It’s 4:30-something in the morning and I can’t figure out why my tablet is doing this.

Serial Killer: Lethal Testimony

I sit once again at my desk
It is almost time
My lawyer advised against it
But I insisted
My story must be told
That is the only way
For the jury to understand me
They must know
My innermost feelings
My most clever of thoughts
I clutch my notebook
As I wait for the judge to call my name
Finally it comes
I stride to the stand
Confidently swear to be true
My attorney asks questions
That really are irrelevant
Who cares about my childhood?
Who cares if my mother
Stabbed my father to death
Over a disagreement
About which channel to watch?
It certainly didn’t affect me
I turned out perfectly normal
I am still waiting
For my chance to read
But instead the prosecution comes
Asks more questions
I get annoyed
Finally I tell the judge
“Let me read my story
Or I will add you to the list”
I begin to read
Slowly, calmly
The reaction is odd
The jury turns an even paler shade of white
One I had not thought possible
In the living
When I am finished I sit back down
Mine was the last testimony
The lawyers make their closing remarks
And I once again must wait
While the jury deliberates


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