Done in a flash

Wrote a piece of flash fiction today, working off of a prompt provided by a friend of mine. It’s not the sort of thing I usually do; I prefer to write based on my own inspirations, not a prompt, but this one inspired me.

My novel, however, has re-stalled after a couple hundred words added yesterday. I may have to take time off again, which doesn’t upset me too terribly much. I just want to get the first draft finished so I can move on to revision, editing, and all that fun tedious stuff. I gave myself until the end of the year to finish the draft, but I really hope I can finish much sooner.

I can’t let myself get down though. If I get depressed because the words aren’t flowing, I’ll never get back to it. I don’t want another unfinished work gathering dust. Granted, this idea is better and less derivative than previous “novels” I’ve started (never getting past chapter three, of course), but I know myself. If I get discouraged, I won’t go back. So far I still think I have a solid idea, and as long as the words come back to me, I’ll accomplish my goal of a first draft by the end of the year.


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