Bitten by the cosplay bug

If the cosplay bug bites, be prepared for possible cosplay addiction.

Symptoms include:
– watching movies and TV shows and wondering how to make your favorite characters’ outfits
– doing the same thing while reading books and comic books
– scouring thrift stores for cheap clothing you can use or modify to fit your look
– the sudden urge to learn how to sew
– a new appreciation for the Project Runway designers when they have an unconventional materials challenge
– going to the hardware store for costume materials
– looking at everyday objects as potential costume materials
– last minute oh-my-God-it’s-the-day-before-the-con-and-I’m-not-done panic attacks

This of course is not a complete symptom list.

The cure? Sorry, there isn’t one. Have fun making your cosplays and remember: you don’t have to be the same age/height/weight/gender/race/etc as your favorite characters, just a love of dressing up as something you love!

Now for me, back to my designs for this year’s convention!


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