Serial Killer VI

Posted: January 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

Serial Killer VI

I have almost reached the officer’s gun
Just a one more inch
Suddenly, darkness
When I awaken
I do not know how much time has passed
I am back in my cell
I reach to my head
Feel a bandage
The strong, male courtroom officers
Could not physically restrain me
Without a baton blow to the head
That “expert” psychiatrist is lucky
If I’d had that gun
He would be the one
With brain damage
Damaged all over the wall
My cellmate talks to me
I try to ignore her
She smells of sweat
She speaks of being “gay for the stay”
I tell her she is not my type
(Not my type to kill)
But she insists
I do not like to kill barehanded
So barbaric
So pedestrian
But they took my tools from me
Therefore I have no choice
Bludgeoning her to death with my fists
Takes less time than I anticipated
Even with my wounded arm
Still not healed
Another prisoner heard the noise
She is screaming for help
Keep screaming bitch
I’ll see you in the yard


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