Serial Killer IV

Serial Killer IV

I hold my throbbing arm
Rage building inside me
The last victim fought back
Forcing me to be sloppy
My deeds now make the front page
I laugh at the word “Manhunt”
Little do they know
That word makes me safe
So long as it is a manhunt
They will never suspect me
I debate my next move
Shall I fight the urge
Resist the call
Or shall I continue
Move on
To my next kill
I know the answer
There is no way
That I can escape my destiny
But I can change my methods
No longer haunting the familiar social haunts
They will be looking for me there
Instead I creep into the library
The last place they will look
Surprisingly I find my prey almost instantly
Sitting there alone
In the nonfiction section
Ironically enough
Reading about Jack the Ripper
It takes only minutes
To get his guard down
It is amazing
What a push-up bra can accomplish
HE asks about my arm
I calmly blame it on my cat
Seeing as how the last prey
Was such a pussy
We walk outside the library door
Into a trap
The prey grabs my other arm
Pulls it behind my back
And tells me I am under arrest
They knew this whole time
The “Manhunt” was a myth
It was a womanhunt all along
And I am caught


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