Serial Killer III

Serial Killer III

The night is going so well
My prey so easily caught
Once again subdued with chloroform
Unconscious, ready to begin
I start to tie my knots
Suddenly, everything goes wrong
It wakes up
It grabs a knife
It cuts my arm
A swift elbow to the chin
Succeeds in disarming it
I grab the knife
And return the favor
In its eye
It fights no more
But now the fun is ruined
How can I enjoy myself
When my prey is already dead?
Instead of my usual masterpiece
Of graceful slices
I stab and stab and stab
Furious at the outcome
And the mess
Now my blood sprays the wall
Harder to clean up two sanguine trails
I gather up what I can
Scrub the walls
And hurriedly leave the apartment
My arm throbs
The cut is deep
I must go to the hospital
But how to explain it?
My mind searches for an excuse
As I drive to the farthest hospital in town
When they ask how it happened
I think of the still-oozing corpse
In the now-abandoned apartment
And the answer finally comes to me
“It was my boyfriend, nurse,” I say
“He attacked me”
She is sympathetic
Asks if I want her to call the police
“Oh, no, please don’t
“I don’t want him any angrier”
Inside I smile
Thinking that he shouldn’t be angry
When he has that nice smile
Carved into his face


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